Love at First Fright is an original and wholesome zine featuring monsters and their love lives. This volume is focused on monster boys and their boyfriends!

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Love at First Fright is a wholesome zine featuring monsters and their love lives. This volume is focused on monster boys and their boyfriends! All characters included will be originals. This zine’s monster boys are adorably creepy and loving to their partner, whether they be human or not.This will be a physical and digital zine.What are we looking for?We are looking for stories and characters to fill our narrative based illustrations, comics and short stories. We hope to span many genres and tones, but keeping an air of romance to the whole. The one thing that matters is that characters are openly gay and that a wholesome story is being told.Contributor Breakdown15 illustration artists;
5 comic artists;
5 writers;
5 merch artists.
Contributors don’t need to identify as gay or LGBTQ+ to participate. All of them must be 18 and older to participate in the zine.As the artwork goes, it needs to contain at least one monster boy with his boyfriend, date, romantic interest, ect.When we say “boy”, we mean a person identifying as a man, he/him, or is masc presenting. That might be cis men, trans men, queer men, ect. We will also be accepting some non-binary characters.~* When we say ‘’Monster’’ we mean a humanoid creature that’s usually depicted in horror movies, old fairy tales, mythology and urban legends.* ~HERE is the list of monster boys to help you get inspired!ProfitsThis zine is for profit. The profits will go to production costs, then to sending the contributors copies of the zine. The rest will be divided between contributors


This schedule is subject to change

Interest Check15th january - 15th feburary
Moderator Applications15th january - 15 feburary
Contributor Applications1st march - 30th march
Result sent5th April
Deadline to respond10th April
Pitch Form20th April
First Check-in20th May
Second Check-in20th June
Third Check-in20th July
Final Art due1st August
Kickstarter9th October - 9th November
ShippingFeburary 2024

Monster List

This is a non-exaustive list of monsters that can apear in the zine. Feel free to choose a monster not on this list!

DemonDragonEldritch monsterFaun
Frankenstein’s monsterGhostGobelinGolem
Shadow personSlimeSkeletonSphinx
IncubusSwamp monsterTrollVampire


Project Lead
I am an artist who loves all things horror and colorful! I’ve been a moderator in the first volume of this zine, and I’m super excited for the second volume!
I’ve modded the first volume of Love at First Fright and I’ve been an artist in multiple zines, most recently in Where the tides meet the stars, A Femme so Fatale and Unconditional.

Project Co-Lead / Graphic Design
As a romantic at heart and a lover of out-of-the-ordinary characters, I did not hesitate to jump into this project. Especially after being a supporter of Vol. 1!In my day job, I am lead graphic designer of a small team. I’ve studied visual arts and graphic design in school, and I have experience designing a variety of things for printing and also digital media. And of course, I’ve made art for as long as I can remember!

E.V. Smith
Writing Mod
You can consider me a horror fan, and a secret softie. I just had to come out of my cave of abominations to work with this project. This is my first time as a writing mod for Love at First Fright, and I can’t wait to get spooky!I’m a writer and editor working with a few projects, including Archive of The Odd, and Shortwave Publishing. I’ve been published a few times, such as in Dragon Soul Press’s Surge, and the very first edition of Archive of the Odd, and I have many years experience (and a degree) in writing. In my spare time, I like to participate in fanwriting events.


What is a zine?A ‘’zine’’ is an independent magazine! This zine will resemble an art book, and will be available to buy on the internet for a limited time.Who is modding the zine?@zombiegaby - Project Lead - Project Co-Lead, Graphic Design
@IcelandicRain - Beta Mod
go to our TEAM page to learn more about us!
How many artists are you accepting?We are currently looking for 15 illustration artists, 5 comic artists, 5 writers and 5 merch artists. You can apply for multiple roles.Is this a for-profit or for-charity zine? Will artists get a copy of the zine?This Zine’s profits will go to sending the contributors free copies of the zine/ bundle, then the rest will be divided equally between contributors**How do I apply? **We’ll be opening an application form to fill out on February 1st! Here are the requirements.Do I need a portfolio to apply?You need a website containing only your art, yes. A blog, an artstation, a google drive a deviantart, an AO3 are all valid options. The link(s) you share with us need to be easy to navigate and allow us to see your work quickly and efficiently. You don’t need any particular themes in your portfolio.What style of art are you looking for?We aren’t looking for anything in particular, we want a wide variety of styles. From cartoons to semi-realistic, we are happy to give every style a chance! Your art can be digital or traditional, but if it’s the latter, it needs to be scanned or photographed in high definition.Have any other questions?
Send us an ask on Tumblr or a private message on twitter or email: [email protected]

Application Guidlines

WORK PROCESSAll types of artists will present 2 ideas (except merch artist, who will present 3) containing a different type of monster for each pitch. The mod team will take all of the requests into consideration and give everyone the opportunity to draw a monster they want to draw while keeping a variety in the types of monsters present in this zine. Your idea can include multiple monsters.We provided a list of monsters you can choose from HERE, but if you want to include a monster not on the list or a type of monster you invented, you can do so.ZINE CONTENTThe aesthetic of this zine should be cute, wholesome, romantic and a little creepy.
We will not accept dramatic, tragic or sad stories. We want feel-good stories only.
A color palette will be provided, but you will be able to take some liberties with it.
All artwork in the main zine must be SFW, PG13.
ZINE SPECS- The physical book will be softcover, perfect bound.
- The dimensions are A5, 5.8 × 8.2 inches. See the templates here.
- All pieces have to be at least 350 px resolution for the best printing quality.
- The final zine will be around 80 pages.
GENERALThese are the requirements applies to every contributors:- That you be 18 or older;
- You have to be ready to complete your assignment within our deadlines;
ILLUSTRATION ARTISTSApplication Requirements:- 3 examples of illustrations;
- An art portfolio (or any platform where your art can be easily seen);
- You can make either a single page illustration or a spread;
- A colour palette will be provided;
- You will have the possibility of making spot illustrations for short stories or poems.
COMIC ARTISTSApplication Requirements:- 3 examples of comic pages;
- An art portfolio (or any platform where your art can be easily seen);
- The comic will be 4 or 6 pages long;
- If you wish, you can be paired with a writer or apply as a team;
- A colour palette will be provided.
WRITERSApplication Requirements:- A writing portfolio (or any platform where your writing can be easily read);
- The poem(s) should be 30 to 200 words;
- The comic should have 4 or 6 pages;
- The short story should have 1.5k to 2k words;
- You can make either of these texts or, if you are so inclined, you can choose to write multiple texts of different types;
- An illustrator will make a spot illustration representing your piece.
MERCH ARTISTSApplication Requirements:- 3 examples of merch and/or illustrations;
- An art portfolio (or any platform where your art can be easily seen);
- Merch options will be provided once the interest check is over;
- A colour palette will be provided.
Have any other questions?
Send us an ask on Tumblr or a private message on twitter or email: [email protected]